GTT Lojistik İstanbul was launched in İstanbul, the capital city of Turkey for industrial affairs, in 2005 with the aim of meeting the demands of export firms being located in Tekirdağ, Gebze, İzmit, Adapazarı, Karabük, Çankırı, Samsun, Trabzon and many other cities in Anatolia.

The firm has proved how ambitious it is by launching a new Office in Mersin in 2008 for the sake  of meeting the demands of Middle East. Furthermore, the Office in Bursa has been in service since the first quarter of 2010.

GTT  Lojistik began to serve for the four major harbors in Turkey, as it finally launched a new branch in Izmir, which is also recognized as a trade center in the country. GTT Lojistik is going on with its operations within and outside Turkey with the aim of maintaining its position as a leading logistic firm around the globe. 

As GTT Lojistik is experiencing a sound enlargement period every single year, it has turned out to be the single address of the importing and exporting firms that have been conducting operations with countries in Middle East, Eastern Africa, Far East and Europe.  The experienced and trained staff of GTT gets engaged in different kinds of sectors like Automotive, Steel and Coal Processing, Chemistry, Petrochemistry, Energy and Food in the Region of Trakya. What is more, it turned out to be the sole problem solver for the FCL & LCL related or Project based shipment problems within the field of road, air or sea transport.

The services of GTT Mersin are not limited with transferring the goods via full containers and full trucks (FCL&FTL),but the firm also undertakes different kinds of tasks like leasing ships, ship and freight brokering, and partial loading (container, air and road transfer). The aim hereby is to offer the best service for less.